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One Size Fits MOST

P&P believes that the old egg pantyhose measurement charts are out of date! Simply put, those oldies only crossed over sizing to accommodate tolerance issues.

At Pearl & Poseidon, we conclude that every body type is different. We accommodate those diverse body types…that is why we claim to fit MOST (and not ALL).


Shop by Collection

P&P offers an easy way to shop… we realize that not all nylons are for everyone! We appreciate that you may like a certain feel & look. This guide can help you decipher your favorite nylons…




Model Sizes

P&P has an inclusive and diverse range of professional models. Typically, the female models average height is 5' 8", but range from 5’ 5” to 5’ 11”.  Male models range from 5’9" to 6’ 2”.

Our wide range of fit models fall far in between these standards, and therefore the variance of sizing is reflective of an extensive group of body types and sizes.


Why do you not offer more sizes?

P&P is diligently working on adding more sizes to your favorite styles.  Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about extended sizing to come!