"Pandora" - lace top fishnet stockings, sheer stay-ups

$14.99 $7.99

Pearl & Poseidon's "Pandora" Lace Top Fishnet Stockings are a small diamond pattern in a fine blend of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex. These Lace top stay up fishnet stockings do not require a garter belt but certainly can be accented with one if you so choose. The lace top is a beautiful compliment, it leads the eye and as we know it is all about line...Toe has a reinforced seam.  These are perfect to layer onto other nylons!
*Note this product does not include stockings, shoes, nor panty!   Check out our awesome garters and garter belts...Maia, Gretta, and Sanibel!

  • Stay-up
  • Reinforced Seamed Toe
  • Thigh High
  • Lace Top
  • Fishnet Nylon
Size: Regular 
Weight: 100 - 155 lbs
Height: 4'9" - 5 7" tall

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