"Atlantis" - men's seamless nylons with closed sheath


Pearl & Poseidon's "Atlantis" are Men's sheer seamless pantyhose with the addition of a seamless sleeve for the member. The fabric is a handsome blend of 71% Nylon and 29% Spandex providing the right amount of stretch and recovery. These are not just cheap pantyhose cut for men, these are a nylon marvel that fits spectacular and feels great. The waist is double thick. The third leg sleeve is shipped closed and can be cut to size for ease of use, fabric will not unravel...

Sheer to Waist

Member Sleeve

No Seams

Fine Denier Nylon

Size:  Waist = 31" to 44" 

Fabric is 71% Nylon and 29% Spandex

Poseidon’s Tip: Don’t bother with the seams and breathe easy in these men’s nylons with a built in sheath for the male member!

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